Self Storage Tips: How to Save Space

One of the best ways to minimize clutter around the house is to rent out a self storage unit. If you feel like your home is getting too crowded with items that are important and can’t be discarded, renting your own storage space can be a great way to organize everything into one place.

There is precise method to packing items for a self storage unit. Your objective is to use as much of the space available to you. If you learn how to accommodate your items properly and utilize your given space, you can save a significant amount of money because you won’t need to spend for a larger unit. Practicing proper packing methods can also help you to protect your valuable items from damage that may incur inside closed storage, such as water damage. The following are just a few self storage tips to keep in mind.

One of the most important things in packing is making sure you have strong, sturdy boxes to store smaller items in. It’s also important to make sure you’ve properly distributed the weight of the objects stored inside these boxes. This makes it easier for you carry the boxes and stack them on top of each other. If you’re storing books, avoid putting too much inside one box to keep it from getting too heavy. Arrange your boxes by making sure the heavier boxes are at the bottom of the stack. Also, don’t stack your boxes too high.

For larger items like furniture, remember to disassemble pieces that you can disassemble like tables and chairs. Pieces you can’t disassemble like beds, mattresses, and couches can be placed on their side at the very back of your unit. Meanwhile, you can use dressers as additional storage for your items. To prevent any surface damage, don’t forget to wrap your furniture in bubble wrap or cloth before moving them to your storage unit. This will maximize the space in your unit while keeping your items safe.

If you want to remove the clutter from your home, the first step is to look for an accessible storage service around your area. Once you’ve rented out your storage space, you can begin packing the things you want to keep inside your unit by taking note of these tips.

Fighting Workplace Race Discrimination in New York

The idea of equal opportunity is an integral part of American life. The ideals of equality and liberty are among the principle virtues exalted by the United States Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, such ideals aren’t upheld in real life scenario. It has been decades after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s gave voice to people regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. However, it is clear that several discriminatory issues still seem to be rampant in workplaces up to this very day.

One such issue making rounds in the media is race-based discrimination in the workplace. Earlier in June, The Hill reported on the Supreme ruling in favor of a Muslim woman who had been denied a job at Abercrombie & Fitch because of the religious headscarf she was wearing during her interview. Another report by ABC News affiliate KXLY 4 points to a former Red Robin employee that filed a wrongful termination case against the company. Her lawsuit claims that she had been fired for speaking up against racially discriminatory practices she witnessed in the hiring process employed in one of the company’s North Idaho locations. These cases are just two among hundreds of race discrimination incidents that occur in workplaces all over America.

Individuals facing race discrimination in their workplaces can turn to several government agencies to receive the assistance they need to take action against their employers. On the federal level, there is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC. The EEOC is responsible for ensuring that anti-discrimination laws are properly observed by employers in regards to their own workforce, as well as applicants going through the hiring process.

The State of New York also offers similar services for its residents. Those who have been victim to discriminatory workplace practices can file a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights. New York City also has their commission to help uphold the New York City Human Rights Law, which is considered as one of the most comprehensive civil rights mandates in the country.

According to Cary Kane LLP website, discriminatory acts blatantly disregard some of the most important founding principles of this nation. Individuals who have faced race-based discrimination in their workplaces should not hesitate to file a complaint and purse legal action against those responsible.

Short Term Disability Benefits in Indiana

Accidents can leave a profound impact on someone’s life. This is particularly true for incidents that leave a person seriously injured. These types of injuries can cause significant burdens for victims and their families. Aside from the emotional stress and psychological trauma that comes with dealing with such events, serious injuries can also lead to financial issues as well. Bouncing back from a severe injury often entails expensive medical treatments and a significantly long recovery time. This prevents the victim from being able to return to work and earn an income, which is particularly problematic if he or she has financial dependents.

Financial difficulties caused by permanent disabilities can be resolved through social security benefits provided by the federal government. However, such recourse is not available for those suffering from temporary or short term disabilities. Fortunately, certain Indiana residents suffering from a short term disability can turn to state insurance programs in order to receive assistance. In particular, the Indiana worker’s compensation programs entitle state employees to short term disability benefits for up to six months. The petitioner should be able to meet the following basic requirements in order to qualify for the program

  • Must have been a full time employee of the state for at least 6 months
  • Must have been absent from work for 1 month or 30 consecutive days
  • Must be able to provide a doctor’s statement or medical certificate

A similar option is not available for private Indiana employees. However, according to the website of the Indianapolis Social Security lawyer at the Hankey Law Office, there are still ways that a private employee can receive financial assistance to help cover lost income caused by temporary disability. Most of the time, employers establish their own health benefit arrangements for their workforce.

Divorce Alternatives: Understanding Mediation and Arbitration

The divorce process can often become excruciating with all the emotionally loaded decisions it entails. There are times when divorcing couples find themselves at a standstill, unable to come to an agreement on certain matters that require their cooperation. Such conflicts are traditionally resolved in the courtroom. A judge presides over the proceedings, hears arguments made by both sides, and makes the final decision. However, for some couples, going through litigation can quickly add pressure to an already stressful situation. Those looking for an alternative can consider either mediation or arbitration to settle any difficult decisions.

According to the website of Marshall & Taylor, P.C., both mediation and arbitration are viable alternatives for divorcing couples looking to avoid the additional stress caused by traditional court proceedings. In mediation, spouses are allowed to settle their disagreements and make negotiations outside the court. They will be guided by a mediator. This mediator won’t be making decisions on behalf of the couple. Instead, he or she will encourage each spouse to dialogue with one another, allowing them to come to decisions together. Through mediation, divorcing spouses can expect to maintain a healthy and respectful relationship that’s necessary for couples who are co-parenting children or are required to interact in professional settings.

If the differences between spouses cannot be settled through mediation, the next option is to undergo arbitration. Through this process, the divorcing couple is given the opportunity to present their differing points of view to an appointed arbitrator. The arbitrator acts in the same way a judge would and is able to make the final decision for the couple. However, unlike divorce litigation, arbitration allows divorcing spouses to define the process of their discussion and set their own deadline for the arbitrator’s decision. This makes for a divorce procedure that can move a lot more quickly and is significantly more cost effective.

Chemical Peel: Different Types to Consider

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure is a personal choice that both men and women are free to make. Any individual looking to address issues in their physical appearance can consider the many choices provided to them, including surgical options such as a facelift or a rhinoplasty. Those that are looking for less invasive options can also consider non-surgical treatments like microdermabrasion and facials. Another popular option that doesn’t involve surgery is a chemical peel.

Opting for a chemical peel—sometimes also referred to as chemexfoliation or derma peeling—involves a procedure where the top layer of the skin is peeled away through the use of safe and well-measured chemical solutions. It is typically done on the face, neck, and hands. According to a Des Moines med spa, it is the best option for patients looking to regain the youthful appearance of their skin by addressing issues like mild scarring, fine lines, acne, and sun damage. Chemical peels can also reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, and dark patches.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) notes that around 1.25 million chemical peel procedures were performed in the year 2014, making it the third most popular non-invasive cosmetic option available in the United States. Before you seek out the procedure and become part of this growing statistic, it’s important to know that there are different types of chemical peels to consider. Learning more about these types will help you determine which option is the best for your skin.

The first type is called a light chemical peel. It makes use of milder solutions like beta hyrodxy acid and alphahydroxy acid, which are typical ingredients in exfoliating beauty products. It only affects the epidermis or the skin’s topmost layer and is best for patients dealing with uneven skin pigmentation, fine lines, and acne. Meanwhile, a medium chemical peel makes use of chemicals like trichloroacetic acid and glycolic acid to target skin cells in the epidermis and the dermis. It’s the best option for those with deeper wrinkles and acne scarring. The third option is a deep chemical peel. It makes use of a stronger chemical solution called phenol and requires the use of a local anesthetic to ensure that the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. It’s the best option to address sun-damaged skin, scars, blotchy skin areas, and even pre-cancerous skin growths.