Short Term Disability Benefits in Indiana

Accidents can leave a profound impact on someone’s life. This is particularly true for incidents that leave a person seriously injured. These types of injuries can cause significant burdens for victims and their families. Aside from the emotional stress and psychological trauma that comes with dealing with such events, serious injuries can also lead to financial issues as well. Bouncing back from a severe injury often entails expensive medical treatments and a significantly long recovery time. This prevents the victim from being able to return to work and earn an income, which is particularly problematic if he or she has financial dependents.

Financial difficulties caused by permanent disabilities can be resolved through social security benefits provided by the federal government. However, such recourse is not available for those suffering from temporary or short term disabilities. Fortunately, certain Indiana residents suffering from a short term disability can turn to state insurance programs in order to receive assistance. In particular, the Indiana worker’s compensation programs entitle state employees to short term disability benefits for up to six months. The petitioner should be able to meet the following basic requirements in order to qualify for the program

  • Must have been a full time employee of the state for at least 6 months
  • Must have been absent from work for 1 month or 30 consecutive days
  • Must be able to provide a doctor’s statement or medical certificate

A similar option is not available for private Indiana employees. However, according to the website of the Indianapolis Social Security lawyer at the Hankey Law Office, there are still ways that a private employee can receive financial assistance to help cover lost income caused by temporary disability. Most of the time, employers establish their own health benefit arrangements for their workforce.