Surgical Error – Often a Consequence of Negligence

Many medical facilities owners, like owners of hospitals or clinics, believe that keeping a roster of good doctors, specialist and highly-qualified nurses, continuous technological development that will lead to service upgrade, and making sure that patients are diagnosed correctly and given timely treatment, are the best means to display commitment in the provision of quality patient care.

This is not the case in many other medical institutions or facilities, however, as can be proven by the fact that these institutions have, time and again, been said to be having bad doctors or that these are just poorly managed due of the frequency of medical mistakes which result to injuries and patient death. Due to the lack of authentic concern to patients and the errors made in patient care, many hospitals, doctors, and other medical professionals, have been the addressees of many legal claims for damages.

Medical malpractice, which refers to acts of negligence by a health care professional or provider that result to i sub-standard treatment which, in turn, results to injury or death to a patient is one frightening reality in the United States that occurs much frequently than any one may realize. It can be maddening to know that this malpractice if nothing more than a consequence of negligence or carelessness of medical experts – a grave failure to provide the quality care that they promised to give and which patients rightly deserve. In 2010 alone, the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services made a report regarding the death of about 180,000 Medicare patients; this is a small figure, though, according to a study that the Journal of Patient Safety printed, wherein figures ranged between 210,000 and 440,000.

One particular example of medical malpractice, which continues to cause great harm to patients is surgical error. Errors committed in the surgical room includes surgery performed on a wrong patient, incorrect surgical procedure, surgery on the wrong site, incorrect dosage of anesthesia, improper suturing, mishandling of surgical instruments, foreign objects inside body cavity, and post-surgical complications.

West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys know that negligent surgeons are capable of performing life-altering surgical errors that may leave a patient permanently injured or in need of expensive corrective treatment. Thus, if a mistake is committed, it may be for the good of the victim (and others who may end up as victims) to hold the negligent medical staff responsible for the injury that he/she has caused.